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climbing peak of sao tome 2 day - test of Resistance

We depart from city and drive for about 1 hour to get to Bom Sucesso.

From here we will be trekking for about 8 hours up and down several smaller peaks like as Pico Calvário (1.595 m. above sea level) and Morro Pinheiro (1.606 m.)  About halfway, at Estaçao Sousa, a break and a picnic is foreseen.

After about 4 more hours of climbing, we will camp and stay overnight at the plateau of Mesa (1.870 m.) after a hot dinner prepared for us by the guide.

The following morning we will get up early to do the last 30 minutes of climbing.

We reach Pico at the break of day with the hope to be able to see the whole island beneath our feet before the clouds start impeaching the view. The descending is made

in about 6 hours down the opposite side of Pico to the West Coast, where the 4WD awaits us at Ponta Figo.

Weather and time permitting, we may take a swim at Praia das Conchas or Lagoa Azul on our way back.