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trek to bombaim - the atlantic rain forest

We go by 4WD to Bom Sucesso, just like when we go to Lake Amelia (see description).

Then we descend from Lake Amelia in direction to Nova Ceilão. Here we will leave the primary forest behind and proceed into the secondary forest.

The flora here is predominantly endemic species of shrubbery and climbers.

On our way, we will cross the river Abade and some of its offsprings.

We will stop for a light picnic in the forest, close to the old plantation of Nova Ceilão.
Before arriving to the plantation estate of Bombaim, we will follow the old dust trails.

At Águas Belas (1h’s walk from Bombaim), it may be arranged for the 4WD to meet us and pick us up

It is possible to pass by the waterfall of Bombaim (20 min. by foot from the plantation house) to take a shower, depending on the time of arrival to the plantation.