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trek to bernardo faro -down the east coast

We go by 4WD to Bombaim from where the trek begins.

On our way, we pass by the waterfall of Bombaim. Then we leave the plantation estate in direction of the sea, heading mainly East in direction of the plantation estate of Água Izé. On our way we will pass through secondary rain forest and waterfalls.

Once we arrive to the dependência (a smaller subordinate plantation under the administration of a bigger plantation estate) of Bernardo Faro, we may choose to continue walking to Claudino Faro, the followind dependência.

This may be done by following the old colonial road that linked the plantations in order to transport the agricultural goods down to the coast and from there off to the capital by boat or train.

Once we arrive to the coast, we may take a swim at the beach of Água Izé. From here we have about 20 minutes’ drive back to the capital.