sail trip

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observation of whales and dolphins - on the trail of whales and dolphins

During the months from July to October, we organize boat trips with the aim to spot whales and dolphins.

We will travel down along the Eastern coast of the island of São Tomé and back again, following the whale-trail, while taking our time to enjoy the sights of the trip.

We leave the city of Sao Tomé early in the morning, heading Southeast along some of the famous beaches of the East Coast.

After about 40 minutes, we will pass by Boca do Inferno, which is a natural blow hole, and from here onwards, we will move eastwards to get into the track of the hump back whales, identified as going between the city of Sao Tomé and the islet of Rolas.

The dolphins have been observed on many different places around the island and it is therefore the whales that determine our itinerary.

We will make a break of about 1,5 hour at Rolas, to have lunch and to visit the Equator mark, and thereafter we will return by the same track, in order to stay as much time as possible on the trail of the humpback whales.

Please bear in mind, that there is NO guarantee to observe whales or dolphins, so you might as well enjoy the trip!