sail trip

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Islet of santana - rocks, caves and blowholes...

We sail out of the Bay of Ana de Chaves heading South
We will be passing by the fishermen’s village of Pantufo and Praia Melão, besides the beaches of Algés, Pomba and Ubabudo.

After about half an hour of sailing, we will reach the islet of Santana and sail around the islet to appreciate the rock formations.

We may then take a swim from the boat or take shelter from the sun on a beach on the coast.

The islet is shaped like a pinnacle and the maritime vegetation that grows on its’ sides attracts both fish and marine turtles.

Before sailing back, there is still time for a cold drink and a traditional sweet on board.

We sail back past the natural blowhole of Boca do Inferno further down South and then we head back to city.