sail trip

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Islet of Cabras - Seeing the city from a different angle

We will sail out of the Bay of Ana de Chaves heading North.

We will reach the Islet of Cabras after about 20 minutes of sailing, and at this distance we will be able to take in the view of the city of Sao Tomé.

We will have the opportunity to see the beach of Lagarto in the next bay, as well as a part of the beaches of the North of the island.

Once we arrive to the islet, we will sail around it and afterwards go inland on the protected side, where there is a tiny beach if the tide is low.
From here we may climb the hill to enjoy the view next to the light house or take a swim from the beach.

Before returning to city, we will take a cold drink on the beach.

After more or less an hour of relaxation, depending on the weather, we sail back.