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Fishing -Around the islands of Sao Tome and Principe you will find exciting fishing

The archipelago of São Tomé and Príncipe as it is constituted by islands of volcanic origin and the sea bottom as well as the islands themselves have a very accidented relief.

The continental platform is very small with great depth even close to the coast and the encounter between the Equatorial currents with the massive rock result in ascendant currents. This phenomena of 'upwelling' sustains a rich chain of food that attracts the big game fish to the region.

Fishing around Ilhéu das Rolas Tuna fish, sailfish, barracuda, and other species.

Fishing seasons:

January to April
Fishing is generally quiet in this period. No Marlin caught over this period, however there is a chance of a Sailfish. Extremely good Wahoo run (1996) with average weight of 40lb.

Flat seas and occasional tropical storms produce some excellent Blue Marlin fishing though not as prolific as in July and August. If weather holds up one can expect between one to three Sailfish in a week’s fishing. Tropical storms normally last half a day.

Blue Marlin not as good this month. Generally Blue Marlin season from July to September. This period is locally known as the Gravana. It is normally this period when Blue Marlin is present although also in evidence during May and December. Sea conditions are choppy but produce excellent fishing. Average 1 Blue Marlin per boat per day.

July to August
Peak Marlin season.

September to December
Peak Sailfish season. Plenty of Sailfish in evidence.
Become less frequent towards the end of December.

Pelagic and bottom fish all year round. Wahoo, Barracuda, Dourado, Cubera Snapper.

All Blue Marlin and Atlantic Sailfish on a catch and release basis unless it is a possible world record. Bom Bom Island Resort is an official Igfa weighing station.