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scuba diving-explore the underwater wonders around the islands of sao tome and principe

The Resorts of Rolas and Club Santana have diving centres with certified instructors. It is also possible to take the diploma, PADI at the resorts. But if you don't feel like going all the way to Rolas or Santana there is also a diving centre in São Tomé with professional instructors!

Diving around the island of Sao Tomé
Why dive around the island of Sao Tomé ?
- It is the fastest way to get to dive from the city of Sao Tomé, where you have all the options of accommodation at your disposition.

- The sea around Sao Tomé is calm and the depths range from very shallow to very deep,
which makes it an ideal place to dive for both beginners and experienced divers.

Diving around Ilheu das Rolas
When is the best time of the year?

The best time of the year to dive around Ilheú das Rolas. Is from February to June, during the rainy season. When it rains, the sea becomes muddy, but rain season is also the most sunny time of the year, and the rain is only occasional.

During Gravana, from July to September, the sea becomes very choppy, which makes it difficult to go out by boat. It is true that during this period of the year is usually dry, but the transparency of the waters is not that of the rainy season.

What is there to see ?
First of all the big fishes of which most are endemic. One example is a harmless sort of shark (that doesn’t attack man), another example is the ray fish. Due to the different maritime currents around the islet of Rolas, the fauna and flora is very rich.
There are caves as well for cave diving, arches and cliffs leading down to white sand on the bottom. Clear waters of good visibility and few currents, and sheltered zones that allow deep profundity of dive within safety.

About 20-30 meters, which makes the diving easy and good for beginners.

In combination with reservation of accommodation, these are the rates:
General diving conditions for Ilhéu das Rolas
Minimum age : 12 years
Presentation of divers certificate with medical attest.
Dives and baptism are always conditioned by the state of the sea.
The maximum number of divers per Dive Master is 6. The maximum number of persons to be baptized simultaneously is 2. In case of minors, these will have to present a terms of responsibility signed by the person in charge of the education

Diving around the island of Príncipe
Why dive around the island of Príncipe ?
- The sea around the island of Príncipe is known for its clearness and rich fauna.
- At this moment is no Dive Center in Principe Island, so we recomend to contact a Dive Center in Sao Tome Island.

What is there to see?

-The Arch : All level of divers
A shore dive off Bom Bom Island about 8 meters deep. A huge rock formation forms the archway,
which you dive through. Encounter eels, puffer fish, snapper, odd barracuda and angelfish.

-Mosteiros : Qualified divers
A boat dive about 15 minutes from the resort, average depth 12 meters.
An interesting dive with volcanic rock formations creating homes for vast numbers of fish.
Encounter snapper, turtle, barracuda, skates, goatfish, surgeonfish, parrotfish etc.

-Pedra de Adálio : Qualified divers
A boat dive, 15 meters deep. A concentrated area of fish,
eel and octopus life with 2 rocks forming a reef.

-Pedra de Gale : Advanced divers
A boat dive, this rock forms a wall with a plateau at about 33 meters
and then drops a few hundred meters, not for beginners, as buoyancy control is vital.
Almost interesting dive with mainly snapper, barracuda, ocean trigger fish etc.

-Jockey’s Cap : Qualified divers
A long-range boat dive about 24 metres deep. Interesting dive with the rock
ending on a sandy bottom, large schools of fish, a lot of sea fans.
Encounter barracuda, snapper, turtle, surgeonfish, trigger fish, odd sea horse etc