sail trip

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Blue lagoon - sailing along the northern beaches

We will sail out of the Bay of Ana de Chaves heading North.

After about 20 minutes of sailing, we will reach the Islet of Cabras .

From here, we will pass by the beaches of Governador, Juventude and Tamarinos among others, with the possibility to stop at the beach of Morro Peixe and rest for a while.

Once we arrive to the Blue Lagoon, we may bathe from the boat.

The name of the lagoon is due to the exceptional blue colour of its waters when the sun is reflected in the sand at the bottom.

It is also possible to stay some time at the beach of Praia das Conchas on the way back.

This trip may be combined with a picnic and a relaxed afternoon at Praia das Conchas.

In this case, we recommend having the transfer back to city made by car.