sail trip

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around the island 1 day - from the northern to the southern hemisphere

Usually, the tour around the island is made clockwise.

We pass by the beaches of the Northeast, the islet of Santana and the coastal plantations. In the old days, the only means of communication between the plantation estates was the sea way.

Descending to the village of Sao Joao dos Angolares where the humid zone begins, we continue to the Islet of Rolas.

This journey takes about 3 hours.

There will be time to relax at the resort of the islet before lunch, or we may visit the Equator mark (20 min.) by foot.

After lunch, on our way back to city, we sail northwards along the West coast passing by the beaches of Piscina and Jalé among others.

Here the difference between the coasts, in terms of vegetation and landscape, becomes noticeable.

On this side of the island, dramatic rock formations dominate.

Passing by the fishermen’s village of Neves, we circumscribe the northern point of the island before arriving back to city..