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the southern beaches - desert and wild

Early in the morning, we drive down along the East Coast to the village of Portalegre.
The drive is of about 3 hours, with stops to take in the views of the River Iô Grande, the peak of Cão Grande as well as the waterfall and plantation of Ribeira Peixe.

Once we arrive to Portalegre, we will visit the old mansion of Lama Porco before descending to Jalé Beach .

From here we have the long-stretched desert southern beaches before us.
Here we may go by canoe to the mangrove.

We continue to Praia Piscina along the beach. If the weather permits, we may walk this distance. At Praia Piscina we can take a swim at the beach before it is time for our picnic lunch. After lunch there will be time to relax before returning to city.