Our clima

The two main seasons, rainy season and gravana, give variations between 22-32 ºC during the year. The real difference is made up by the several climatic zones.

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The island of São Tomé is divided into several climatic zones. The republic's climate is maritime equatorial tropical which is hot and humid. The climate of the island of Principe is more humid than that of São Tomé.
You will find various microclimates on the islands of São Tomé and Príncipe, making way for variation in flora and fauna.

Annual temperatures: 22º C - 32º C

Seasons: There are 2 seasons; the rainy season and the dry season, gravana.

Rainy seasons : March to May and again October - November
The rainy season does not mean constant rain, the showers are generally sudden and heavy, preparing for clear skies and the highest annual temperatures.
Do note that the global heating is changing this pattern.

Gravana (dry season): June to September.
The sky is usually dotted by small clouds. An almost constant southern breeze of 10-25 knots with moderate temperatures.Nights are cool and often there is light rain before sunrise.
In the Northern regions, rainy days number only 2-3 per week. Due to a hilly relief, the interior and the southern regions tend to have more rain

Gravanita (dry season): December to February.
High probability of no rain, no wind and 25-30 degrees, a bit lower than during the rainy season.

Average temperatures

Months ºC ºF
March 26,2 79,2
April 26,2 79,2
February 26,1 79,0
January 25,8 78,4
May 25,8 78,4
December 25,5 77,9
November 25,4 77,7
October 25,3 77,5
September 24,9 76,8
June 24,5 76,1
August 24,1 75,4
July 23,8 74,8

Average Precipitation

Months mm inches
March 144,0 5,7
April 137,6 5,4
May 127,7 5,0
November 115,7 4,6
October 103,0 4,1
December 97,8 3,9
February 93,9 3,7
January 82,6 3,3
September 21,3 0,8
June 16,1 0,6
August 3,0 0,1
July 0,3 0,0